You Need the Effective Home Sales System offered by Keller Williams

Our proven Home Selling System was developed to provide our clients with a modern and proven method to prepare and price their homes appropriately, and provide maximum exposure to as many qualified buyers as possible.  We share your goal of selling your home at the maximum market price in the shortest time possible.

1. Preparing Your Home

In order to get the maximum profit from your home sale, you’ll need to get it in the best condition possible (consistent with your time frame and without overspending).  We’ll also need to think about staging your home to appeal to as many buyers as possible.  I’ll take a close look at both of these important factors and together we’ll develop the best plan for getting your home ready to sell.

2. Price

You’ll often hear several different reasons that a house doesn’t sell. In reality, there is only ONE reason a home doesn’t sell – PRICE. It is imperative to set the correct listing price in order to sell your home quickly and for maximum value. We always use a thorough, advanced market analysis to build a comprehensive report that will accurately determine the optimal list price for your home.  If you’d like to get started on this important step in the selling process, you can use this link to request a detailed market analysis of your home.

3. Marketing Your Home

The Keller Williams Selling System was developed to provide an effective, consistent and proven method to get your listing in front of as many potential qualified buyers as possible. We use aggressive internet based marketing campaigns (think Facebook or Google ads), social networking, email and even direct mail. Print campaigns that feature our listings will be put in all the places where buyers are looking. When you hire me to sell your home and if you request it, I will bring to our first meeting at least 10 quality buyer leads to illustrate my proactive approach to finding your buyer. You’ll be kept informed of all marketing methods used to get the maximum exposure possible for your listing. Request to schedule a meeting today!

4. Negotiate the Best Deal

Every offer you receive will be closely examined by my team and I at KW Legacy.  We’ll be sure that any offer you accept will not only include the best price possible, but also the best terms, fewest and shortest contingencies, and the least amount of repairs and closing costs. It’s also important to understand that their are two sides to a negotiation. I’ll keep your most important priorities in mind while advising you on the path to a great deal for you, that your buyer will also be happy to accept, so we can achieve the goal of getting your house sold!

5. The Closing

You will be continually informed about showings, including which of those seem like good prospects based on feedback received after each showing. We’ll constantly monitor the market in your area to see what similar, competing homes in your neighborhood are selling for, and make adjustments, when necessary, to keep your home competitive. After accepting an offer, we’ll keep in close contact with your buyer to make sure they are following through with all required documents and procedures in a timely manner.