Sell Your Home with KW Legacy

So, you think you’re ready to sell your home. You’ll need a timeline for the sale and you need to prioritize what is most important to you as you go through the home sale process. To get started, think about your answers to the following questions?

Why are You Selling?

The answer to this question depends on some others. Are you upgrading because you need more space for a growing family? Are you downsizing because you no longer need the space you currently have? Relocating due to new job? Looking to change school district or neighborhood? Whatever the reason, consider the implications your new home will have for your lifestyle, finances and daily social and work activities and commutes. The more we know about your reasons for selling, the better job we can do to help you choose your real estate options.

When Should I Sell?

Contrary to popular belief, Spring is not necessarily the best time to sell a house. Although it is true that home listings generally increase in the spring (yet another symptom of spring fever), there are equally good reasons to expect a successful home sale in other seasons as well, even winter! If a prospective home buyer’s current rental lease ends in January, then they will likely be buying a home in November or December. If someone is relocating due to a new job, then odds are they’ll have to move IMMEDIATELY, no matter what season it is. These are just a couple examples of why there are always motivated buyers throughout the year. Fall or Winter may actually be better than spring because there will be fewer homes on the market competing with you for these motivated buyers!

What is the Best Strategy in the Current Real Estate Market?

By choosing to partner with me to sell your home, you inherit the combined knowledge and experience of the Keller Williams Legacy team of over 100 dedicated real estate professionals. Whether it be me or one of my talented and seasoned colleagues, we will have the answer to any question or the solution to any problem that may present itself during the process of selling your home. I will be continually monitoring and communicating with you regarding changes in the market, interest rate updates, pricing of and quantity of competing properties and current successful strategies being used to sell homes in your area. With me as your guide and the KW Legacy team at our disposal, we’ll let you know exactly how to price your home, when to sell and what strategies to employ so as to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the best price the market will allow. All of these factors and more will be taken into consideration when establishing an effective strategy for selling your home.

How Will You Get the Maximum Profit from Your Home Sale?

I will not just throw a sign up in the front yard and wait for someone to respond to your listing on the MLS (multi-list service). I will actively market your home using a variety of options from social media, online ads, direct mail and others. I will do whatever is needed to get your home listing the maximum exposure possible to as many qualified buyers as needed to achieve your goals. We will discuss recent sales of similar homes in your area and any improvements to your home’s condition (if needed) that might increase your profit.